Major Engine Failure: Taking on Water in the C&D Canal

Written By Wicked Salty - May 17 2018


Brandon Meyer
May 25 2018

These are regular maintenance points. Expect to replace the whole exhaust every 5-7 years. I make my own for about $80 from schedule 80 black iron pipe fittings. Ive never dealt with a dripless stuffing box, but it’s obviously installed incorrectly. Learn the fix so you can deal with it when it happens again. Stuffing box repairs can be done in the water as the flow isn’t that fast. If your pump wasn’t keeping up with the leak, upgrade or double up for redundancy. Sorry you had to haul out.

Shaun Allen
May 17 2018

So sorry to read of your bad luck, the folks that helped you out were angels! I probably need to keep a closer eye on those very two things. We also own a Catalina 30, and we have a Yorkie! Keep up your positive attitude:) The whole family enjoys your travels!
S.V. Wild Goose, Clemson S.C

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